Adele dressed up like an elderly woman for her 29th birthday

Adele is one old lady…or at least she thinks so. In fact, on her birthday, Adele dressed up like an elderly woman!

On Friday, the British singer celebrated her 29th birthday, and she’s looking a little older. Okay, she looks a LOT older. But that is because she donned a grandma-style costume.

The 29-year-old actress thanked her fans and loved ones for all the birthday wishes with a glimpse into how she celebrated.

Yes, that is the “Hello” singer in a hilarious grandma-inspired wig. We especially love how the “Someone Like You” singer’s wig gets more and more outrageous as the pictures progress.

Her pink sweater, paired with the old-school glasses really take the look up a notch. Oh, and then there’s the over-the-top and totally accurate old lady makeup. It’s such a crazy look, and we love it.

While this is the first time we’ve seen Adele as a completely different person, this isn’t her first goofy photoshoot. Throughout her tours, the Grammy-winning artist is never afraid to throw on a funky hat or two.

Sometimes she opts for a lampshade as a hat.

Or, steals a janitor’s uniform for a photo op.

Basically, she is a total chameleon when it comes to taking pictures, and she’s always a goofball while doing so.

Happy birthday Adele, we love you and your grandma costume!

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