Adele brought an Adele impersonator on stage, as if one Adele wasn’t amazing enough

It’s true that there’s many a celebrity doppelganger out there with uncanny resemblances to their superstar alter egos. But, they rarely have the performing chops to match their look-alike’s skill set… except for this unbelievably talented Adele impersonator.

Now, Adele has her fair share of gorgeous doppelgangers. But we’d wager none of them sound quite like DJ Feminem, the Aussie Adele super-fan and drag queen performer who the 28-year-old songstress invited up on stage at her Perth performance earlier this week.

After breaking out in a killer “Rumor Has It” performance for Grammy-winning songstress — and hitting every note on-point — we’re starting to think that the DJ and Adele might actually be long-lost twins!

Whew, with voices like that (not to mention killer bone structure), these two performers are certainly cut from the same, ultra-talented cloth. And based on their cozy interactions onstage, the two got along like long-lost besties.

They even shared a selfie together, after which Adele joked: “Why didn’t you tell me I had such a sweaty face? You look better than me, that’s not allowed!”

And back to their resemblance, whew, was it striking! As if DJ Feminem didn’t have Adele’s makeup down pat, the fan came out on stage in a glamorous, black sequined gown the “Hello” singer herself might wear. Which, funny enough, she nearly did, as her own gown looked nearly identical except for the crimson color.

“I just spent $700 on this dress,” DJ Feminem told the Grammy-winning songstress in the video below. “Custom made, of course!”

Of course!


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