Adele was a lying liar on the ‘Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ and it only made us love her more

We all know Adele is a literal living musical legend, but did we also know she’s an awesome liar? We do now.

Monday night, on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the superstar’s fibbing skills were put to the test with a round of Box of Lies, in which Jimmy and Adele took turns choosing boxes with ultra bizarre objects inside of them. From there, the player has two options: either tell the truth, or make up a lie about what’s in the box. The other player has to determine whether their opponent is lying.

Sounds pretty simple, right? And it’s a game Adele has been dying to play. “I have been waiting my whole life to do this,” she told Jimmy. “It was either this or the Lip Sync Battle.”

Adele went first, and being the adorable and wonderful lady she is, she couldn’t stop laughing the entire time. In her defense, her box contained something pretty awesome: a T-rex dressed as a cowboy. Well, we won’t spoil the ending. (But there is one other gem that we’ll mention: Adele says “donut” adorably.)

Check out the clip below and watch Adele put her lying skills on display.

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