Adele almost married Amy Schumer and her husband, and yes, we’re serious

If we were to create a dream wedding in our minds, there’s no doubt that we’d want our favorite celebrities there, especially after we learned that Adele planned, officiated, and performed at her friend’s wedding back in January, giving us a level of wedding envy we didn’t even know was possible.

But it turns out that even other celebs dream about having Adele at their big day, because Amy Schumer revealed that the singer nearly officiated her wedding to Chris Fischer back in February, in the most relatable story of decisions made after a tipsy girls’ night in.

If you’ll recall, Adele and Jennifer Lawrence are friends, because truly nothing makes more sense than these two talented AF ladies hanging out. And they’re also neighbors, so it seems like they get to spend plenty of time chillin’ and sipping wine…not that we’re jealous or anything, we swear.

And of course, Lawrence and Schumer are close pals. But the I Feel Pretty actress revealed that when she met Adele for the first time a few days before her wedding, the three ladies kinda sorta drunkenly agreed to have Adele officiate Schumer’s big day. That is until the next day when Adele sobered up and (reasonably) backed out.

Schumer shared the hilarious tale on April 10th on Sirius XM’s Jim and Sam Show.  She said, “I was staying in L.A. in a house near Jennifer Lawrence, who lives right by Adele, and they’re really good friends and I’d never met her before, so we hung out a little bit that week.”

She continued, "Then we were real drunk one night and talking about how we wanted to get married and Adele was like, ‘Well, I can marry you,’ and we were like, ‘OK, cool.’ We were making a whole plan, like Tuesday at noon, because she takes care of her own kid."

But the next day, Adele changed her tune. “The next day, [Adele’s] like, ‘Hey, we’re not really like friends.’ She got ordained to marry her good friends, so I think she was like, ‘They’ll be kind of annoyed if I just start marrying random basic b*tches.’” LOL.

As epic as that would have been, we totally get it. Plus, Schumer says she still has Adele’s number, though she pretty much vowed never to actually use it out of respect.

With that one teeny hiccup aside, Schumer and Fischer still wanted to get married quickly, hoping for “no drama” and “no planning.” She said, “When you see your friend go through planning a wedding, it just seems like it sucks, so I just texted people.”

Adele or no Adele, we hope that Schumer and Fischer had the most fabulous wedding day ever…and even if Adele didn’t officiate, we still think it’s so cool that they got to hang out and drink wine together. Next time, ladies, give us a call! We’ll bring the vino.

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