Adele gave A+ advice that helped Sia crush it onstage

In a surprising twist, Sia has admitted she struggles with finding the right note while singing her songs live on stage. While it’s a pretty vulnerable thing to admit, it certainly doesn’t mean that Sia isn’t still one of the most fantastically talented musicians of our time. She’s just, you know. . . human.

“I can’t sing any of my songs in the key I originally recorded them in,” Sia revealed. “I don’t know how those kids on ‘The X Factor’ do it — it’s crazy how they hit the high notes.”

So who better to help in the singing live department than the woman who nails her live performances every single time?

Adele gave me a great tip if I ever tour my songs — before hitting the high notes, I’ll turn the microphone on the audience and let them do it!”

Ohhhh. So that’s why singers turn the mic on the audience. Makes so much sense. But TBH, we don’t blame them. Singing live on stage in front of thousands of people is a much different ball game than singing in a small, intimate setting.

During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show (of course, hiding her face so she can still live her life),Sia joked around about Adele’s tip saying, “There’s a reason she has 80 million dollars.”

Sia also revealed that her song “Alive” (which happens to include about a million high notes) was originally written for Adele’s new album 25,but it didn’t make the final cut. The song also happened to be rejected by Rihanna.

“We were writing it for her [Adele’s] new album but it didn’t fit with the other tracks so she rejected it,” Sia said. “I sent it to Rihanna’s people and they rejected it, but in the meantime everyone said I should do it myself.”

As much as rejection sucks, we’re really happy she did the song herself, because it’s badass and perfect.

(Image via video.)

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