So Adele’s ’21’ was just declared the greatest album of all time, and we are HERE for that

We are fangirling out over Adele (even more than usual) since her seven-Grammy-winning “21” was just named the greatest album of ALL TIME by Billboard magazine. (You go, Adele!) This was based on chart position, and “21” spent 24 weeks—the most weeks ever—on top of the Billboard 200 album charts, and 78 weeks in the top 10. That’s almost a year-and-a-half, go Adele!

The 2011 album beat out none other than the soundtrack of “The Sound of Music,” featuring the unforgettable Julie Andrews, another voice we are madly in love with. That Oscar-winning soundtrack has now been bumped to second place. It was in the Billboard 200 top 10 for 109 weeks and was consistently in the lineup from 1965 to 1968. The ranking system is determined by a descending point system, and an album that spends weeks at No. 1 receives the most points.

Of course, Adele’s new Billboard ranking should come as no surprise.  We all remember her 2012 hit, “Skyfall”—which won a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Golden Globe. And by now, we’ve probably all heard Adele’s latest single, “Hello,” from her new album, “25,” which is set to drop on Nov. 20.

“Hello” is already breaking records, too. According to Billboard, it just hit 1,112,000 (!) downloads/digital sales in a one-week span (week ending Oct. 29), setting a new record for the most U.S. downloads sold in a week. Flo Rida held the No. 1 title before, for 636,000 in a week with “Right Round.” Adele nearly doubled the previous download record (!). What can’t she do?! Oh, btw, forgot to mention that, in only three weeks, “Hello” just went platinum.

And what does Adele think about her music? Does it pull at her heartstrings and make her a happy-yet-sad-all-at-once mess like it does to us?

Adele, we <3 you forever, congrats on your big win, lady!

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