Addy’s Katy Perry Make-A-Wish Video Is Ah-Maze-Ing! #AddyRoar

Go on and ROAR girl, you are amazing! Celebrate your victory and serve that Katy Perry realness!
From Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic:
Addy is like many little girls her age. She loves cotton candy, chocolate chip ice cream, sparkles, rainbows, reading and coloring, particularly with pink and purple. Unlike many little girls, however, Addy was diagnosed at age four with stage IV cancer. During her long hospital visits, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Addy would spend hours drawing and, when she felt up for it, practicing her singing and dancing. Addy took inspiration from an array of performances by her favorite musicians on YouTube. When she learned she would be granted a wish by Make-A-Wish® Mid-Atlantic– she asked to be a pop star performing ROAR by Katy Perry (her favorite artist). Inspired by the lyrics to ROAR, Addy fought and beat cancer, celebrating her victory with her wish come true – this incredible music video.

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