Confession: I’m addicted to scented candles

Psychologists have not yet discovered exactly where addiction occurs in the brain, yet can connect it to many other factors such as genetics, environment, and childhood experiences. We also know it creates pleasure and— yup! You guessed it!—Pleasure means an abundance of those sweet, sweet endorphins. Though the reason is unknown, there is a wide variety of unusual addictions. Could you be victim to the scented candle addiction? Let’s look at the symptoms:

You Have A Large Collection

From basic scents like vanilla and cupcake, to fancier/seasonal scents like Christmas delight and gentle rain: you sniffed it, you bought it, you have it all.

Most Of Them Are Not Lit

This is a common symptom and is also related to fear of loss. You must simply sniff the candle during any time of need, and when it is important enough, you light it.

You Give Them As Gifts

No matter the occasion and no matter the person, it’s your signature gift. You’re just trying to help the world one scented candle at a time!

Store Recognition

Whether you’re always calling about a new scent or back in the store for an old one, employees know you on a first name basis.

It Is Now A Way Of Life

Had a bad day? There’s a scented candle for that. Need to relax? There’s one for that as well. Time to get your partner into the mood? They’ve got you covered! For every occasion and every reason there is a scented candle for it. They make the world better and they make you better, too.

If you have any of these symptoms you might actually have an addiction. Not to say it’s an epidemic, but it’s taken over quite a lot of people. Addiction is a problem, but don’t worry: there’s a scented candle for that, too.

Elena Herrera is a writer, originally from Los Angeles, California. She loves cats not catfights and believes in the cosmic love between celestial beings. Elena enjoys recreational candle-sniffing, discussing brain functions, and dancing to Billie Holiday. She will one day write a novel, we hope.

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