How much added sugar does your favorite Halloween candy have?

Sugar hasn’t exactly gotten the best reputation, especially in the past week, and with Halloween coming up, times are scarier than ever for those with a sweet tooth. With this in mind, Cooking Light compiled a list of the sugar content in the most common Halloween candies because, as it turns out, some snack-sized Halloween candies have more sugar than others.

The winning candy isn’t surprising: Sugar Babies. The 15 grams of sugar contained in each 21 gram snack size packet really make the name apt. But it’s still crazy, and puts them two grams ahead of the second most sugary candy, Charm’s Blow Pop. These sugary tweets with a bubblegum center clock in at 13 grams, followed by Nerds at 12 grams then Candy Corn and Skittles. Swedish Fish, Rolos, 100 Grand, Dots, and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups each claim 11 grams of the sugary stuff to their snack-size portions.

This isn’t great news for those of us who were really looking forward to raiding the post-Halloween candy sales this weekend, but it is important to consider before we decide whether or not to give into our sweet tooth — and what to eat if we decide to.

Why? Because it’s important to take into consideration the recent discovery when it comes to sugar. Turns out, it’s pretty toxic, infact there’s “hard and fast data that sugar is toxic irrespective of its calories and irrespective of weight.” Gulp, that doesn’t sound good.

Robert Lustig, the creator of the study, told The Washington Post, “Where those calories come from determines where in the body they go. Sugar calories are the worst, because they turn to fat in the liver, driving insulin resistance, and driving risk for diabetes, heart and liver disease.”

You can check out the full list of 40 different snack-sized Halloween candies and their sugar content in the slideshow.

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