Let’s get to know creative wizard of comedy, Adam Shenkman

“Mail Order Interviews” are illustrated interviews with awesome humans conducted via mail. This particular one is with Adam Shenkman, a Los Angeles based creative wizard and all around funny man. Here’s what you need to know about him:

Meet Adam.

Adam Shenkman’s one cool dude.  When it comes to creativity and making people laugh, he’s an ace.  Intricately planned live performances?  He does ’em.  Weird and wonderful videos?  He makes ’em.  Tim Burton meets Jim Henson-esque short films?  He directs ’em. Let’s just say this guy is one multi-talented fella, to say the least.

Adam as Ricky Hicky in Yeti! Yeti!, one of his latest (of many) creative endeavors.

If a young Gene Wilder were to have a baby with Wes Anderson and Tim Burton and Walt Disney all at the same time (just pretend this is possible), that baby would be Adam Shenkman.  Adam has the unique ability to adapt to any creative scenario.  This past summer he flew to Minneapolis to complete his first short film, DUCKIE.  DUCKIE tells the story of a quirky and lonely puppeteer who falls for his eccentric bad girl neighbor.  Adam was somehow able to co-write, co-direct and play the lead in the film all while having the coolest hair probably ever in film history.  See?

That’s good hair.

Check out the opening for DUCKIE here:

Adam has a vibrant history in the world of live comedy and stage shows.  He hosted a live children’s stage show for three years and when he was 27, he decided to get Bar Mitvah-ed as a performance piece because he’d missed out on the opportunity when he was 13.  He filmed the entire thing and invited his family to attend. Mazel Tov!

Adam proving that it’s never too late to throw a Bar Mitzvah.

Adam’s not stopping at comedy, live performances, or short films though.  He’s one half of Adam & Nicole Studio (yes, Nicole is me and I was that baton twirler in the opening of DUCKIE…but anyway…)—a creative team that specializes in writing and directing films for the enjoyment of all. He has plans to shoot his first feature film this summer.  If that’s not ambition, then I don’t know what is!  Keep your eyes peeled for this fine young man, because he’s headed to the stars!

You can check out Adam Shenkman and all his creative shenanigans on Twitter @adamshenkman and on Intagram @shenkmanadams.  Follow him, you’ll be glad you did!

Now, let’s find out more about this creative guy through his “Mail Order Interview”:

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