Adam Scott took over someone’s Tinder, made sure to vet thoroughly for murderers

Tinder can sometimes feel a bit like a terrifying wasteland. What can start as excitement over meeting a potential new partner or a fun hookup can quickly turn to stone-cold dread as creepers slide  into your inbox and make interacting with anyone in the app generally horrible. Tinder is a bizarre and wonderful world, and sometimes you just need a bit of star power to help you navigate those choppy waters.

Luckily, Vanity Fair is there for all of us and enlisted the help of the one and only Adam Scott. He took over the Tinder of a woman named Becca, and in true Adam Scott fashion, he tried his very best to find her a solid partner while weeding out any creeps. The video starts with Scott swiping right or left on a few potential matches, and it doesn’t take long for messages to start rolling in. The first is by far the most unsettling, with one man sending a greeting that included an emoji of a vial of blood and a knife. When Scott asks if the guy is a murder, he responds “only on the weekends.”

Hey, guys? Can we all just agree that when it comes to meeting strangers on the internet the “I’m here to murder you!” joke is definitely not in great taste?

Regardless, Scott was undeterred by the man’s concerning weekend plans and soldiered on. He interacted with several men who expressed a wide range of interest in Becca, some needy, some sketchy, and some that could have some potential for a fun date.

Since Scott has been married since 2005, he’s likely not personally interacted with anyone via Tinder, and it’s a hoot to watch him try to understand this bizarre micro chasm of the modern dating world. Still, we love how sincerely he seems to try his best to interact with each guy vying for “Becca’s” attention, though he seems to get pretty overwhelmed with how quickly messages roll in. The Tinder messages get goofier and goofier as the video continues. The whole video even ends with one guy withstanding Scott’s tests, potentially getting a date with Becca. We love a (potentially) happy ending!

We could definitely all use someone like Adam Scott in our corners every time we talked to potential matches on Tinder. If nothing else, he could help us weed through the potential murderers, right?