Adam Scott and Meg Ryan star in a “Beyoncé Soap Opera” on James Corden, and our brains are still trying to process the amazingness

James Corden is quickly becoming our go-to guy for funny. With bits like the Kanye “Fade” parody, bacon-scented cologne ads with the actual Kevin Bacon, and — of course — Carpool Karaoke, he’s, quite simply, been KILLING IT. And last night, on The Late Late Show, he gave us yet another reason to adore him.

As heard through Vulture, Corden and his team created a Beyoncé-inspired soap opera called, The Bold and the Lyrical, starring Adam Scott, Meg Ryan, and Corden himself (written by “Beyoncé”).


Basically, Corden and his team took lines from almost every Beyoncé song ever to create lines for a scene in which a man (Corden) catches his wife (Ryan) in bed with another guy (Scott).

You know, it’s probably best if you just see it for yourselves.


The best moment by far is when Ryan loudly declares, “If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it,” and then slaps Corden across the face. And the second-best moment would probably have to be when Ryan breaks character to tell Scott that he accidentally quoted a Lady Gaga song.

Who knew a Bey-inspired melodrama would be so good? (Actually, wait…that makes a lot of sense. But still, we’re impressed). Now, our only question is, when do we get to see the Bey-inspired feature-length MOVIE?!

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