Adam Scott explains ‘Krampus’ because we were all confused

You may have seen the truly terrifying trailer for Krampus making the rounds on TV and on the Internet. I for one know that whenever it plays before a YouTube video, I have to mute it. It’s just that scary. And what’s confusing is that the cast is made up of some of our favorite comedy actors like Adam Scott and David Koechner. The movie keeps being described as a “horror-comedy,” but I’m definitely not laughing.

Adam Scott appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night to explain, and now it all makes a little more sense. First of all, Scott told us that Krampus is based off of a real German character. The Krampus from folklore is said to round up naughty children on Christmas, take them away, and beat them with sticks. Not exactly festive.

So, the movie took this concept and majorly turned up the scary factor. As for the comedy? Scott says it’s something more akin to classic, fun horror movies like Poltergeist. I suppose we’ll just have to watch the movie to find out, and then recover with a mountain of candy canes and hot chocolate.

See Adam Scott explain below!

(Image via YouTube)

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