If you’re obsessed with Halloween, you’re going to love Adam Scott’s spooky new show

Good news for those who love all things spooky and scary! Adam Scott and Craig Robinson have a new, sci-fi comedy coming out called Ghosted, and apparently, it’s like getting a little taste of October 31st for a whole TV season.

That’s because Ghosted features a lot of Halloween-appropriate episodes.

Like, a lot of them, so have that Candy Corn at the ready.

"We have two Halloween episodes, actually," Scott said at PaleyFest's Fall TV Preview event for the forthcoming Fox show. "Basically every episode is a Halloween episode."

Um, yes please.

And in one of its Halloween episodes, one of the characters, Jermaine, will turn into a zombie and attack Max (Scott) and Leroy (Robinson). Now, how does the central duo come to get into such a predicament? Well, Max is a full-on believer in the paranormal and Leroy, in contrast, is a big-time skeptic.

But despite their opposing views, the pair are soon recruited by a secret government agency, The Bureau Underground, to save humanity from aliens.

You know, no pressure at all. Speaking with HelloGiggles, Scott and Robinson revealed what excited them about the project, and it has us feeling pretty excited too.

"I love Craig, so I wanted to work with Craig," Scott said. "So that [excited me], and also the genre. Action-comedy is my favorite. I like to think I have fairly sophisticated taste, but at the end of the day I grew up on Gremlins and Police Academy and [Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom] and Three Amigos. That's where I feel at home."

And with Ghosted, Scott and co. get to pay homage to some classics. “This genre affords us the opportunity to tip our hat to Beverly Hills Cop and 48 Hrs…and these movies that mean a lot to us. Ghostbusters, of course.”

For Robinson’s part, he was especially stoked about his character. “Tom [Gormican] had written this 12-page script and it [featured] a badass black dude in a badass car, he whips around the corner and you see his badass Afro. I was like, ‘I’m listening, yes, I like this.’”

We’re *into* it, and can’t wait for all the Halloween feels when Ghosted premieres on Fox on October 1st.