Sorry, Sally Field, but Adam Rippon is officially off the market — and he and his boyfriend look adorable

Adam Rippon, one of the first openly gay American athletes to compete in the Olympics, captured our hearts during the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. The figure skater’s snarky sense of humor and outspoken advocacy won him a lot of fans — and the attention of Reese Witherspoon. Now, we’re once again cheering for the Olympian after the announcement that he has a new boyfriend.

Rippon confirmed to People that he is dating Jussi-Pekka Kajaala, and a source told the magazine that they met on Tinder. Kajaala, who hails from Finland, is not a figure skater, so thankfully there won’t be any rivalry in this relationship. The two reportedly made things official a couple weeks ago.

The new couple reportedly began messaging about seven months ago and then began to spend more time together. Rippon announced the pairing while promoting his upcoming Stars on Ice tour, which will feature his 2018 teammates Mirai Nagasu, Nathan Chen, and Bradie Tennell.

"Now that I'm even busier, I thought it was a better time [for us] to hang out," Rippon joked to People.

On April 2nd, the figure skater posted a photo with Kajaala on Instagram, taken while the two enjoyed a shirtless hike in L.A.’s Runyon Canyon. “Good boys Finnish FI first,” Rippon captioned the photo.

And he and his boyfriend are adorable.

Prior to Rippon’s announcement that he was dating Kajaala, actress Sally Field was trying to set up her son, Sam Greisman, and the skater. Exhibiting serious matchmaking skills, Field tweeted a text from Greisman about his crush on Rippon, even taking it upon herself to tag the skater. Luckily, Rippon took it all in stride, saying that he was sure he would meet Field’s son one day. So even though things didn’t work out between him and Greisman, we hope there are no hard feelings.

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We’re so excited for Kajaala and Rippon, and we wish them all the happiness.

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