Adam Rippon gave the best 3-minute interview on “Ellen” ever, and spilled some JUICY TEA

If there’s anything Adam Rippon is excellent at doing, other than figure skating, it’s spilling some scorching hot tea. And not just any tea — he actually dished on his celebrity crushes on national television because he’s Adam Rippon, and he can do whatever he wants.

The bronze medal-donning Olympian appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, February 28th — a moment he admittedly has waited for all 28 years of his life — and gave the host a rundown of all the Hollywood hunks who currently own his heart. We have to say, this was a smart move, considering that Ellen probably has every celebrity on speed dial.

Coming in with a bronze medal is Jake Gyllenhaal, whom Rippon says is a “solid answer,” and we completely agree. Who doesn’t have a giant crush on Jake? Taking on silver is boyband member-turned-rockstar Harry Styles, whom Rippon reveals he used to have a massive crush on — “used to,” being the operative words.

When Ellen DeGeneres asked Adam Rippon why his love for the ex-boyband crooner faltered, he says it’s because he was sleeping on (ON, not WITH, mind you) another pop hunk.

That in mind, taking home the gold is none other than Shawn Mendes.

"Here's the thing, I was sleeping on Shawn Mendes," he tells Ellen, who was initially taken aback by his choice of words. "Not literally. But I didn't realize how cute he was. And I know Harry will be upset. I know, love is a funny thing."

Don’t worry, Adam, we’re sure Harry will understand.

Ellen then offered him some friendly advice and told him that although his crushes were solid choices, he might want to opt for gay men instead. “You’re going to have a better shot at it,” she says. “Just go for some openly gay men that look like them.”

Add this epic three-minute interview to the list of reasons why we love Adam Rippon, one of the BEST people to exist in the history of ever.

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