What Adam Pally has to say about sexism in the movie industry proves why we love him

As if we needed to love him, Adam Pally just spilled some tea about sexism in the movie industry, and if he wasn’t already married we’d WISH he was our husband!

Ever since we saw him on Happy Endings, we’ve been pretty darn obsessed with Adam Pally. That love only deepened when he joined The Mindy Project as Peter Prentice. What’s more, we can’t wait to see what he’s been cooking up with Leighton Meester’s new showMaking History, which sees Pally play a time travelling professor who goes back to colonial Massachusetts. Seriously, this show looks like it could be HILARIOUS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-TVyOqCkr0

However, Adam Pally has been making us scream “YAAAAASS” for another reason, and it’s all to do with sexism in the movie industry.

While in Sundance promoting his film Band Aid, which stars Zoe Lister-Jones, who also wrote, produced, and directed the movie, Pally pointed out one of the great sexist injustices that female directors face.

"I think there is an inequity for directors who come out of Sundance and move to the studio system," Pally said. "A studio would look at a film like this from a male director and say, 'Yeah, give him a shot, let him do Jurassic Park.'"

Pally is, of course, making reference to Colin Trevorrow, whose 2012 film Safety Not Guaranteed, which he submitted at Sundance, lead to him directing Jurassic World.

Continuing, Adam Pally said that he felt it was an injustice.

"That would never happen for a woman, I know that for a fact," he continued. "Even the women studio heads will look at this film and say, 'She should star in the Nancy Meyers movie.' And, while she should, she should also direct Jurassic Park."

Tbh, we can’t stop applauding what Pally said. And, from the sounds of it, Zoe Lister-Jones also made sure that her movie Band Aid was as feminist as possible, too, by employing an entirely female crew.

"I've always looked at the world through a lens with a sharp focus on gender inequity," Lister-Jones explained. "And as an actress and also a writer and producer, I've been really aware of the underrepresentation of women on film and TV crews. And I know that when women are directors, the number of women hired on film and TV crews increase, but I also just think that doesn't necessarily shift the paradigm enough. I wanted to subvert it entirely and create a space where women could feel their most confident as artists and every voice could be heard, as well as to create opportunities for women in departments where they often aren't given them, like lighting and camera and grip and electric."


Band Aid follows the story of about a couple who use their fights as influences for catchy pop punk songs. According to Vulture, the film has yet to be picked up, but from the sounds of it, it’s a pretty special movie.

Meanwhile, Adam Pally and Leighton Meetser’s Making History is set to start on FOX on March 5th.

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