We chatted with Adam Pally about movies, “Mindy,” and his upcoming “Making History”

Thirty seconds into talking to Adam Pally, he apologies because he’s lost his voice. For the past week, he’s been at Sundance for his brand new movie, Band Aid, where yes, he plays in a band. Directed by (and also starring) Zoe Lister-Jones, it follows the story of a husband and wife duo who decide to do — what else? — start a band to save their marriage. In some real art-imitating-life scenario, Adam and Zoe actually played a gig in Park City, Utah, and now Adam doesn’t have a voice.


It’s fine, though, because it means that Adam has been working overtime and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s about time Adam Pally started popping up in everything everywhere — you can currently check him out in Verizon’s 5th Quarter sports short on go90, he teases a return to the Mindy Project, he’ll be starring in his own show later this season, and, cross your fingers that Band Aid is picked up for distribution.

Here are just some of the amazing nuggets from our chat:

Whether he prefers television to movies:

With TV being so good, I don't think there's a real difference anymore [between the two]. The studio system kind of shifted into becoming a superhero juggernaut, and the indie world is so big that their movies are now being seen on Netflix.

How much he loves his Making History co-star, Leighton Meester:

Leighton Meester is a fucking powerhouse. She's one of the strongest actors I've ever worked with. I mean, I saw her on Broadway [in Of Mice and Men] and I was blown away. She can do comedy and improv. She's just as good [at everything]. She makes me better.

Making History is actually full of the funniest people on the planet:

John Gemberling [who plays John Hancock] and Neil Casey [who plays John Adams] are two of the funniest people on the planet in their own respective rights. If you've seen Ghostbusters or Broad City, you know how funny those guys are. And Yassir Lester from Girls and Carmichael [Show]. Two of the most groundbreaking and amazing television shows of the last 15 years. Everybody on the show is so much funnier than me. I feel like like they're [all] directing me.

The fact that Making History is actually educational:

At this time, when a lot of our civil liberties are being threatened, [with time travel] we get to take a look back at how this country was formed and it feels so much more pertinent [now] than when we were making it. So I think, I think it's one of the these instances where it's super funny and also educational. I hope it's not boring, because it's still a bunch of fart jokes. But it's funny, but also really informative. It would be impossible [not to learn something].

If we’ll see Peter Prentice on Mindy later this season:

I love being there, you know, I love Mindy [Kaling] and I think she is a genius. She has [compromising footage of me], so whenever she calls I gotta come running. I love it, and I love everyone who works with her. Ike [Barinholtz] and David [Stassen] are amazing. iIt's a really great place to work. So, anytime I can pop over there and they'll have me, I'll love to do it.

And, last, but not least, can we expect a Happy Endings reunion EVER?

I would pay to play Max [again].