Adam Pally thought he was auditioning for the Young Han Solo movie during his first meeting for “Making History”

The search to find the perfect, scruffy-looking nerf herder was a long and complicated one. The directors of the upcoming Young Han Solo movie, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, saw hundreds of actors during a casting process that spanned months. Everyone knew they were looking for Han. That’s why it’s easy to assume if you’re meeting with them, they want to make you a Rebel fighter.

Now imagine being called into a meeting with the directors of the Young Han Solo movie…and learning you’re not actually up for the role of Young Han Solo.

That’s what happened to Adam Pally.


Once upon a time, Pally was called in for a meeting with Lord and Miller in the midst of their search for Han Solo. What ELSE would you be meeting with Lord and Miller about, unless it’s Han Solo?? (Or, the Lego Movie) But, the directing duo have actually branched out into television as well, with Last Man on Earth and Son of Zorn. They’re also helming Fox’s upcoming Making History, and that’s why they wanted to meet Pally.

Looking back at this meeting, Pally explains to HelloGiggles that he went in with high hopes. While these two did eventually offer him a role, it was not for a scoundrel.

"With Phil and Chirs, for Making History, they were looking for a lead and they probably passed me at the desk chart. Then they saw a movie I was in at Sundance last year, called Joshy, and they called me into their office. And I was like [doing the best singsongy voice] 'Is this about young Han Solo?' I think Phil was like, 'No, no the title of that movie is YOUNG Han Solo, so you are not applicable!' and I was like, fair enough."

Though Pally was not handed the keys to the Millennium Falcon, he did get the next best thing: “Phil and Chris were like ‘but we have this script.’”

The rest, you might say, is history.

And just to be clear, if offered a role in an upcoming Star Wars movie, Pally would be up for it.

"I would be honored, but I have reverence for that franchise, and especially what J.J. Abrams [did with Force Awakens], and this last act. If they would have me, I would love to do it. But you know what, I don't think, [Star Wars] will come knocking on my door. [But] maybe like [casting] a space rabbi."

Pretty sure Cloud City could always use another space rabbi. Just sayin’.

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