Adam Levine got a tattoo to mark his ~forever love~ for wife Behati Prinsloo

There are many ways to show your love for another person. First and foremost, telling them is a good place to start! After that you have gifts, sweets, dates, kisses, dinner…and if you’re the sort of person that loves making a statement then you may have another option; true love tattoos. Although the permanent show of love isn’t for anyone, it is for Adam Levine, who just got a tattoo for wife Behati.  Specifically, he got the words “true love” tattooed on his knuckles.

The result? The perfect edgy and sweet show of true love of course!

The Maroon 5 singer got the words inked across his knuckles, a permanent display of love that will be remembered forever. The tattoos are delicate with just the right amount of pizzaz. The dots and extra embellishments help give some depth to the tattoo, which Adam pulls off perfectly, thanks partially to his many other tattoos.

If Instagram is any testament to true love, then this is the real deal. We love how big of a fan Adam is to Behati, posting photos of her modeling and always talking about how she’s such a cool mom and wife. When the love’s there you may as well celebrate it in any and every form you can! Getting a “true love” tattoo just seems like the next step, right?

If you love something, never let it go! Or get your love tattooed and then never let it go! We’re here for those public displays of affection always!

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