Adam Levine raided wife Behati Prinsloo’s closet for his “sexy woman” Halloween costume

Sometimes, the best Halloween costumes aren’t found online or at the store. Adam Levine knew that he could easily find a great costume in his wife Behati Prinsloo’s closet. Which is why Levine dressed up as a sexy woman for Halloween with her help.

For the 2017 Casamigos Halloween Party on Friday, Levine raided Prinsloo’s closet for his “sexy woman” costume. He wore a lace leopard-print camisole and zebra-print mini skirt, paired with a cropped pink fur jacket and cotton candy pink wig. If you’re looking for a last minute Halloween costume, your closet might just be the best place to look. Or, hey — the closet of your significant other.

"Raided my wife's closet," he wrote on Instagram on Saturday. "Wearing girl stuff is NOT easy. Respect to the females."

It takes a lot of time to put a look together. Especially for a big night out like Halloween. Props to Levine for recognizing our hard work!

Sometimes, you don’t have to spend a lot of money for an awesome costume.

Adam Levine definitely rocked the DIY look. Here he is posing at the party with real estate tycoon Mike Meldman.


As you can see, Levine eventually stopped wearing the jacket and the wig. Hopefully, he returned them to Prinsloo’s closet!

Meanwhile, Prinsloo kept it classic this weekend with a skeleton costume.

She posted a pic last night on Instagram. Look closely — notice anything different about her costume? Since she’s pregnant with their second child, it also features a little skeleton baby!

Will we see another DIY costume from Levine on Tuesday? Maybe a closet inspired family costume ensemble? We can only hope Adam and Behati will post the pics on Instagram for all of us to see.