Adam Driver is bringing Emo Kylo Ren to ‘SNL’ this week, and we can’t wait

After a short winter hiatus, SNL is back in full force and it’s actually going to have the Force this week. Adam Driver is hosting, and judging from the just released promo for Saturday’s episode, it’s safe to assume we’re going to laugh for the full 90 minutes.

Taking the action away from 30 Rock, Driver and the hilarious Kate McKinnon hit up a diner nearby, and it doesn’t take long for Driver’s alter ego, Kylo Ren, to come out. We even get shades of Emo Kylo Ren — which is still the best Star Wars Twitter parody, IMO — when McKinnon steals his last fry. You KNOW there’s going to be a sketch where Driver gets all angry, and moody, and destroys something with his three-pronged lightsaber, just because.

But let’s not forget that while Driver does play a good Darth Vader fanboy, he’s actually a pretty funny guy. Haven’t you seen Girls? Haven’t you seen What If? Haven’t you seen Inside Llewyn Davis? Is it too much to hope for Oscar Isaac to show up and sing a little song with Driver? (Is it really too much to hope for Justin Timberlake to stop by, too?)

Check out the video below, and Saturday can’t get here soon enough.

(Image via YouTube.)

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