Adam Driver will star in the first-ever live Super Bowl ad — and his costar is a horse

Finally, Super Bowl Sunday is here and we are ready. Not only will we see impressive feats by athletes, we will also witness some amazing commercials. More importantly, Adam Driver will star in the first-ever live Super Bowl ad — and his costar is a horse. Americans rejoice!

Since the Super Bowl is basically the most American thing in existence, it makes sense that people want some innovation. While the sports part is pretty great, you cannot ignore the real stars of the show. The half-time musical act. And all of the commercials. By having the first ever live commercial, this Super Bowl promises to push the envelope. And we cannot wait!

  As a result of this being a Super Bowl first, not a lot of details have been revealed about the first-ever live Super Bowl ad. All we know is that it is for Snickers and it is Western-themed. The commercial will run for 30 seconds during the third quarter. That’s it. Luckily, Entertainment Weekly spoke with Adam Driver to get some more information before the big day. According to Adam, horse lovers will rejoice:

"Hiring me was a big risk on their part, but apart from that, I don’t want to give away what happens. There’s a horse in this one, which there wasn’t in any of them before. The equestrians out there will love it."

What could possibly happen in 30 seconds that will cause equestrians to feel joy!? Driver didn’t want to give away the entire concept, but did reveal that Snickers had come up with the hilarious idea. They went back and forth through a lot of conference calls to nail down the ad.

 Driver can feel confident knowing that he can handle the live aspect of the shoot. Not only does he have a background in theater, but he was awesome on Saturday Night Live! We cannot wait to see what the first-ever live Super Bowl ad looks like.

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