Someone face-swapped Adam Driver and Keanu Reeves, and we don’t know what’s real anymore

If you’re currently standing up and drinking something, we highly recommend putting your glass down and taking a seat. Because someone face-swapped Adam Driver and Keanu Reeves, and it’s too much for us to handle. It’s too much for anyone to handle. Are you ready to see it? You have to be, because you can’t *unsee* what we’re about to show you.

Writer Mark Millar posted a photo of the face-swapped Adam Driver and Keanu Reeves on Twitter, and we might never recover from it

When you think of Adam Driver, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t Keanu Reeves. They do both give off a mysterious and moody vibe, but there’s a notable age difference between the two, among other differences. Would you really think of Reeves and Driver as interchangeable? Probably not unless you saw the face-swap. So, are you prepared?

Here it is, the most unsettling (but beautiful) face-swapped image of all-time.

Drumroll, please…

Right? Right? You had to double-take, didn’t you? So did we. It’s… shocking. Whose idea was this, first of all? What genius saw these two totally different men and thought, “Yes, I know what to do”?

It’s difficult to name this image, too. Are we looking at Kylo Reeves? Keanu Ren? What’s happening? Now that it’s out there, though, we see they really do look alike. Maybe it’s their lovely dark eyes, or unreadable expressions. Maybe a photoshop wiz saw two photos of the actors that happened to make the same face. Just, wow.

All we know for sure is, let’s get Keanu Reeves in the next Star Wars movie ASAP. Pretty please? Because we now need to see him as an older version of Kylo Ren.

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