There’s another lookalike Adam Driver cat, because someone is breeding Kylo Ren kittens

You know how sometimes humans and their furry friends kinda look alike? It’s a strange phenomenon, and you’ve probably seen it yourself out in the wild (or you, yourself, own a pet and #animaltwin). Now, I just double-checked and can’t confirm that Adam Driver actually owns a cat, let alone owns this cat, but there appears to be another cat out there that looks exactly like Adam Driver. [Whispers like Yoda] “There is another Adam Driver cat.”

Yes, because there’s already a first cat bearing a striking resemblance to Ben Solo Kylo Ren. That cat — originally named Corey by his shelter, later properly renamed Kylo Ren by his forever home — first appeared on the internet back in January 2016, shortly after the release of The Force Awakens. We all fell in love with him, and you can follow Cat Kylo Ren on Instagram.

Now, a mere week after Last Jedi hit theaters, we have another Adam Driver cat. Because someone is clearly messing with us, and possibly also breeding kittens that look shockingly like Driver. Driver has yet to comment on this ongoing feline anamoly…but he really should.

This second cat is named Teddy. Teddy is an oriental shorthair cat, and he lives in New Jersey, and it is unclear if he has seen the Last Jedi yet.

ALSO HIS LITTLE MEOW. Hard to imagine Teddy yelling at General Hux like that, but with the right vibrato, and maybe a three-pronged lightsaber, it’s possible.

And now, the million dollar question: For real, does Teddy the cat look more like Driver, or Driver more like Teddy the cat?


You can follow Teddy right here, and just wondering how long until someone discovers a dog that looks like Poe Dameron? Or a bird that looks like Vice Admiral Holdo? Or a bunny that looks like Rose? Asking for a friend.