Why those #ActuallySheCan tanks are popping up all over our favorite celebs’ Instagam

We’ve been noticing a trend on our Insta feed: A ton of our very favorite famous ladies are wearing cute shirts that feature the hashtag #ActuallySheCan. #ActuallySheCan what? We did a little deep diving to see what this is all about.

Turns out, Actually She Can is a female empowerment campaign launched by the pharmaceutical company Allergan. The face of the campaign is model Jordan Dunn, who, along with many other famous ladies, is rocking her #ActuallySheCan tank loud and proud on social media.

The tanks are adorable and cost $32, with proceeds going to AcademyWomen which is a nonprofit that raises funds for women in the military (it was started by women in the military, too!). AcademyWomen has a mission of helping women to succeed in military positions, through mentoring, training, and various growth opportunities. If we can buy a tank and help contribute to that kind of meaningful mission, we’re all about it.

The tanks come with a variety of cute message options, including: “Less Drama, More Karma,” “Less Regret, More Sweat,” and “Less Hesitation, More Meditation.”

You can check them out here.