Actually, you’ve been pronouncing “Adidas” wrong this entire time

Down is up, cats are dogs. Nothing is as it seems.

Apparently we’ve been mispronouncing “Adidas” our entire lives and never got the memo. The fashion world is chock-full of brands and designers with names that are super tricky to pronounce. If you’ve ever sounded like you had a mouth full of greasy marbles while trying to say “Louboutin” you wouldn’t be alone.

But Adidas? We thought we had that one down. Guess not. The Today Show schooled us all and came out with the ultimate A to Z list of all the names we’ve been been saying wrong this whole time. First on the list? Adidas.

If you’ve been saying “a-DID-das,” then sorry to break it to you — but that’s just not what the Germans over at Adidas had in mind. The actual, correct way to say it is “ah-dee-dahs.”

Also, while we’re popping your fashion vocab bubble, here’s another one we’ve all been guilty of: saying “Nordstrom’s.” We always desperately want to add a “s” on the end, but it’s actually not the real name of the store. Guys, it’s not possessive or plural. Sorry, there’s no sale right now at Nordstrom’s. It’s just plain ‘ole Nordstrom.

Now, if you really want to impress all your friends with your fancy fashion pronunciation, check out the entire list here. Words like “L’Occitane” and “Garnier Fructis” will be rolling off your tongue in no time.

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