We actually need these rosé-flavored gummy bears in our lives, please and thank you

As you are probably well-aware, rosé has been having a moment lately. The once guilty-pleasure-type beverage is now embraced by women (and men) everywhere — it’s like The Bachelorette of the drinking world. And today we’ve learned some exciting news. There are now rosé flavored gummies, and WE HAVE TO HAVE THEM.

According to DNAInfo, the little bears will be infused with Whispering Angel Rosé, but there will be two different strands — a “Rosé All Day” bear version and a “Yes Way Rosé” rose shaped gummy.

Apparently we’re not the only ones craving them, because Sugarfina announced today that they have actually SOLD OUT. Via Instagram, “? Well that was fast! Sold out in two hours and crashed our website ?? More will be available later this week, email [email protected] to get on the waitlist ?” 

But, while they are whipping up more rosé gummies, you can check out some of their others. They also have pale ale and rum and cola gummies, as well as three different kinds of champagne bears. Look how cute they are:

Unfortunately (or, fortunately, depending on who you ask), these bears won’t actually get you buzzed, but will be a fun snack for summer. Check out all of their flavors here!