Actually, you guys, Jerry Springer won the debates

The first presidential debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump took place on Monday night, and it was, by all counts, a bizarre event. CNN put together a great compilation of some of the most succulent moments, of which there were many. #Stamina #Jobs #Taxes #Birtherism #Iraq #TaxReturns

Oh, and #RosieODonnell.

NPR fact-checked in real-time, and the results are fascinating (and educational!).

Politifact ran a truth-o-meter, and the results are a little harrowing.

Trump talked about his temperament, and Hill’s response was golden.

Trump kept interrupting…

The debate was the most Tweeted debate ever.

The reactions across Twitter were hilarious.

And the gifs. Oh, the gifs.

But, the award for best debate summary goes to Jerry Springer, of all people.

In one tweet, Springer encompasses the qualifications and behavior of both candidates.

Oh, boy. He really nailed it there.