11 actually adorable tattoos to get to celebrate your new baby

Babies are adorable tiny humans who enormously change and shape our lives. They may be small, but their wails are mighty and whether you’ve just had your first kid or your fourth, the excitement never ends.

People celebrate their little ones in many ways, some post about it on Facebook, some celebrate monthly milestones, and some get a new tattoo in honor of their newborn. There are so many amazing tattoos you can get to mark the milestone, from your baby’s name and birthday to a little inside reference just for the family.

We scoured the internet and found some of our favorite new baby tattoos to give you some inspo.

1The permanent memory of seeing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time.


2A beautiful quote with the baby’s birthdate underneath.


3David Beckham tattooed his daughter’s drawing on his hand.

4These beautiful hearts.

5A simple initial like Adele.


6This mom tattooed the ~time~ her baby was born. It’s stunning.

7Angelina Jolie has the coordinates of the location for each of her children’s births.

8This mother and baby minimalistic tattoo.

9Something different for each child.


10A simple, yet elaborate footprint.

11Finally, a simple, pretty name with a little Disney magic.

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