We spotted amazing random acts of kindness at the LA Women’s March

What happens when you pack 750,000 people into downtown LA for a politically charged march, especially when organizers expect only 80,000 people? Well, you might expect a crap-ton of chaos!

Guess what? You’d be very wrong. Because while it was definitely packed to the gills, the march was peaceful, productive, and even better, full of acts of kindness we spied while on the streets!


“Adaptable” was the watchword.

For about an hour, a huge portion of people were sandwiched together until we learned that Town Hall was full and we needed to march the other way. This could have led to anger and pushing. No such thing at this march. People politely shuffled the other way without pushing. It took more time, but everyone got to take a left on 7th Street together.

The most awesome moment came from seeing a man offer to lead an elderly woman off to the side to where there was room to catch your breath.

Sign Solidarity

People truly took time to appreciate each other! When there was an awesome costume, shirt, or sign, people doled out praise like Halloween candy, and even asked for pictures. Our friend Zack, pictured below, was particularly popular:


Even LA commute traffic was marching.

Because the march ended up having an unforeseen amount of participants, foot traffic spilled over to streets that were not closed off to cars. Meaning,some morning commuters were stuck inside of their vehicles for hours as the protestors walked calmly around them. Normally this would be cause for anger, but instead, people were honking their car horns in solidarity. Some were even handing out water!


Others were giving out high fives!


Feline Friends

Protests can be stressful, and a lot of people suffering from anxiety were at the LA Women’s March. Guess what helped them out….if you guessed a cat in a bag, you are correct! This kitty was available for pets and cuddles throughout.


LA has a reputation as a city of fake people, “coastal elites,” and ambitious Hollywood types. The LA Women’s March, however, was an emblem of kindness, consideration, and caring. Let’s carry this spirit forward beyond the march and into continued political and social action!