This major actress went to great lengths to suck her thumb until age eleven

Many kids suck their thumbs until they’re five or six years old. It’s completely normal and gives them the same type of comfort a pacifier does, only it never gets lost — because, you know, thumbs are attached. Perfect example: Emma Stone admitted to sucking her thumb until she was 11 years old, which means her dedication was legit.

The La La Land star is featured in W Magazine’s February 2017 issue, where she revealed that she needed some serious dental work after sucking her thumb for so long. (She had braces for seven years!)

Stone said that while playing an evil stepsister in a stage production of Cinderella in high school, her red lipstick would get stuck in her braces. “I had braces at the time so all the red lipstick would get stuck in my braces whenever I was smiling,” she told W. “I had braces for seven years so any play that I did for the most part I would just have whatever lip color I was wearing in the braces for the whole play.”

Since seven years is a really long time for anyone to have braces, she explained the reason for it.

"I sucked my thumb until I was 11 years old," she explained. "It's still so soothing to do it, it feels so good. The roof of my mouth is so high-pitched that I had this huge overbite and I got this gate when I was in second grade that came down. I had braces and then they put a gate and it was like this and I would lift the gate, I would take the gate down and suck my thumb underneath the mouth appliance. Maybe that contributed to the many years of orthodonture."

Yes, it definitely sounds like sucking her thumb and the many years of orthodonture were related. But hey, if sucking her thumb made her happy (and perhaps still makes her happy?) then all those years of braces were probably worth it. Maybe not for her parents though.

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