Actress Kiersey Clemons is clapping back against anyone who has a problem with this pic of her armpit hair

Actress Kiersey Clemons has no time for haters or naysayers. The Dope star recently posted a picture on Instagram that’s causing no small amount of controversy, and she’s speaking out about it — and clapping back in the best way possible.

Recently, Kiersey Clemons shared an Instagram post that featured her posing alongside actress Toni Collette. It’s an awesome image of two powerful stars, but people seemed to immediately zero in on one specific thing: namely, Clemons’ unshaved armpits. While some fans celebrated Clemons’ choice to bare her armpit hair, others were decidedly vicious. Some even went as far as to call it “gross” and “disgusting.”

But Clemons isn’t here for the body shaming, and wasted no time clapping back at her haters.

When one asked, “Why didn’t you shave?” followed by the eye-rolling emoji, the actress had a quick response.

"Same reason you in my comments and not focused on your life. Just Lazy u feel me."

The reaction was instantaneous, with plenty of fans coming out to applaud the actress — not only for her hilarious response, but her pride and self-confidence.

“Queen of clapbacks and looking amazing,” summed up one loyal fan. We have to agree; Clemons looks absolutely lovely in her Instagram photo. And at the end of the day, what she does with her body hair is her own business — and no one else’s (despite what the internet may think). Kudos to Clemons for expertly handling a hairy situation.

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