Why this actress will never be on ‘American Horror Story’

Ryan Murphy’s bizarro side-piece, “American Horror Story” has given us many presents over the years: from Adam Levine banging in a dilapidated haunted Asylum elevator, to Jessica Lange’s “don’t call it a comeback” reign of beautiful terror spanning multiple seasons. Oh, and then there was that time Stevie Nicks guest starred as Stevie Nicks just-effin’-cause.

Despite AHS being the carousel of guest stars, there’s one A-lister who vowed to never get spooky in front of their cameras: Julia Roberts. The actress just happens to be good pals with series creator Ryan Murphy (and will soon have a hand in 90% of television shows, no doubt), and says the show gives her the “willies.”

According to MTV.com, Roberts says, “I am the most fitful scaredy cat,” Roberts says. “Ryan was like, ‘Oh, lady—you won’t even get through the commercials.’ I’m like, there’s no way.”

In case you’ve missed it, Roberts’ own niece Emma has been stealing the show over multiple seasons, and has made quite a splash as one of the leads in Murphy’s, “Scream Queens.” Despite that, Roberts claims that she can’t even make it one foot on-set, or even fully-glance at the billboards. “I try to support my Emma, but I don’t like it.”

Let’s fantasize for a second here, IF J-Ro was given the Murphy treatment, what kind of character would she be? A stern, satanic nurse at a mental hospital? Been done. A vampiric unsuspecting next door neighbor? Gaga’s got dibs. Open to suggestions…

(Image via FX)