One of the actors from “Victorious” admits that the Nickelodeon show was a tad confusing

Sometimes your favorite TV shows are the ones that make absolutely no sense. If you watched Victorious when it was on the air from 2010-2013, chances are, more often than not you were confused. Even one of the stars of the show admits that Victorious didn’t make any sense. Because, you guys, the show was confusing.

Avan Jogia (AKA Beck Oliver) is just as confused as you about what the Nickelodeon show was actually about.

The actor posted a throwback picture to Instagram on Tuesday, and absolutely nothing about it makes sense. Even though he’s in the picture, Jogia expressed his confusion about what exactly is going on, captioning the pic, “…what?”

We definitely agree. What is happening here?

Beck is lying on girlfriend Jade’s (Liz Gillies) lap while Tori (Victoria Justice) is leaning down and kissing him…while simultaneously grabbing his manhood parts. First of all, unless this is an outtake meant to be a joke, it seems super odd that Nickelodeon would be cool with the grabbing action.

Second of all, we are pretty certain that Jade would NEVER have let Tori kiss Beck like that in front of her. Sure, all three of them had a love triangle going on throughout the show, but come on!

Jogia posted another photo where he dressed up like Tori (and looked super gorg). He captioned the pic, “… guys what was victorious even about?”

Great question. It’s a question we don’t have the answer to, and TBH, we’re totally fine with that. Some things are better left the way they were originally intended. And in this case, the intent seems to be to elicit confusion. Success!

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