Famous dudes with the sweetest dance moves

There are three kinds of men in this world: those who don’t dance, those who do, and those who really, really can’t stop dancing. File Channing Tatum under option C. He recently revealed—when he’s not rehearsing for Magic Mike XXL—he has spontaneous dance battles with his wife. Really, like, full-on breakdancing battles with Jenna Dewan-Tatum IN THEIR HOME. Now that’s a dude who loves to dance and we love him for it. Know who else kills it on the dance floor? These guys.

1. Chris Hemsworth

Did you know the man behind Thor was on the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars? We all know he can handle a hammer, but check out those swiveling hips!

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Duh. Like we’re not include this guy and his sweet moves. Is there anything this triple threat can’t do? (His dance partner in this clip ain’t too shabby herself!)

3. Alfonso Ribeiro

OF COURSE the originator of the Carlton made the cut.

4. Sam Rockwell

Maybe you don’t know his name, but you should. At the very least, you should become acquainted with his disco-fabulous dance style. He can’t help but dance in almost every movie he’s in.

5. Dulé Hill

This Psych star got into a freakin‘ dance battle. More tap dancing, please! This man is pure talent.

6. Tom Hiddleston


Loki’s not gonna be outdone by Thor. Heck, no! Seems like Tom has a bit more wild abandon than Chris. They should probably go head-to-head in order to settle this.

7. Paul Rudd

He can’t help but be charming with his weird and wacky moves. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo’s always been a physically gifted human. From whirling around in third class on the Titanic, to showing us the amazing ’80s pop ‘n’ lock seen round-the-world. Pretty sure he should’ve won an Oscar just for that.

9. Christian Bale

Some poor souls didn’t grow up watching Newsies every weekend and thus missed out on a very important and very musical part of Christian’s early career. Enjoy! Bonus singing and jumpin‘ on a horse.

10. Chris Messina


If you somehow didn’t already love Dr. Danny Castellano, it’s pretty certain he stole your heart after learning that Aaliyah routine for Mindy. And this season, showing off his Magic Mike skills? Um, swoon.

11. Ewan McGregor


Ewan and his magic moves are not to be outdone by Cameron Diaz. Ewan sings and dances on stage, as well as in films, so he should know how to move a thing or two.

12. Nick Offerman

Indeed, Ron Swanson has a secret past as a break dancer. Skip to 2:40 to see Nick shut it down.

13. Michael Fassbender

Fassbender and Rockwell would really get along. A new dynamic dance duo? Yes, please!

14. Christopher Walken

No words can do the man’s moves justice. Just watch and enjoy.


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