5 Things To Know Before You Go For That Job Interview

I’m pretty sure everyone has had at least one job interview that they’ve completely failed at. Your interviewer asked a question you weren’t expecting and you froze, you wore the wrong outfit, or they just thought you were totally wrong for the role. It can be really disheartening facing interview rejection, so here are five helpful tips on how to ace your next interview and walk away with your dream job.

1. Do your research on the company. You should walk into your interview armed with as much knowledge as you can gather about the way the business is run. Educate yourself on their vision and mission statements (you can find these on most company websites in the ‘about us’ section) and find ways to align what you say during your interview with the company ideals. If you know they’re invested in a project that interests you, or that they could utilize your skill set on, bring this up. It definitely won’t work against you.

2. Dress the part. There’s an old adage that goes, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Seriously, this is great advice. Get a feel for the company culture and present yourself accordingly. If you’re stepping into the corporate world, suit yourself up and make sure you look smart. Likewise, if you’re going for a job in the fashion industry, make sure you’re wearing your most on-trend outfit. If you can’t afford to deck yourself out in new clothes, beg or borrow (but probably don’t steal) from your friends or family. It may seem trivial, but believe me, it counts.

3. Ask questions. Show your interest in the role. Ask your interviewers what they most enjoy about their job. This will give you tons of insight into what it’s really like to work for the company and how they treat their employees. Another great question to ask is what they are looking for in their potential employee. Often, interviewers don’t give away very much about what they want their new staff member to be like, and it is up to the interviewee to try to gauge how they should present themselves. Asking this question can help minimize the guess work.

4. Know how to sell yourself. Prepare examples based on commonly asked interview questions, such as times you have worked well on a team, shown initiative, solved a problem, and the most dreaded of all interview questions – your strengths and weaknesses. Your interviewer wants to know you can think on your feet, so it is important to provide coherent answers and not ramble off on a tangent. Make sure you read the job description in the advertisement carefully, and tailor the responses you give in your interview so they are relevant to the role you are going for. If you are applying for a role where you need to demonstrate a particular ability, make sure you mention a time when you did something similar for your previous employer.

5. Don’t feel intimidated. I really think this is the most important tip. Remember, you are interviewing your potential future employers just as much as they are interviewing you. So hold your head high and be confident. Remember that you are awesome, and your interviewer will see it, too.

Happy job hunting!

Kelli Lord is a freckled-faced girl hailing from Sydney, Australia, who wishes she was a tea-drinking English rose. Office girl by day and business degree student by night, she has plans to take the world by storm. You can see her day to day life on her Instagram.

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