This is most popular song that people have sex to (according to Spotify)

While you might assume that most people would crank up the Marvin Gaye or Barry White before getting it on, music streaming service, Spotify, has revealed that people are having sex to the sound of a different tune.

Every year, Spotify use their data to compile a list of the most streamed artists all over the world. And. according to their end of year run down, the streaming giant revealed that rather than re-visiting old classics, people are turning to new favorites when it comes to sexy time.

Well, in the U.S. the favorite song sex song in 2016 was, according to Spotify’s list, the appropriately titled “Sex” by Cheat Codes, and Kris Kross Amsterdam.

In the U.K. things were a little more mainstream. In fact, Rihanna’s “Sex With Me,” taken from the deluxe version of her latest album Anti was the most popular sex song in the country.

Rihanna also became the most streamed female artist in the world for the second year running.

The star topped the most streamed lists in the U.S., U.K., and on the worldwide charts, notching up 2.5 billion streams. The star also had the third most streamed album in the world, too, while her track “Work” was the fourth most streamed song of the year.

However, it was Rihanna’s partner in crime, Canadian rapper Drake, who had the biggest year when it came to streaming.

According to Spotify’s data, Drake’s music was streamed a colossal 4.7 billion streams worldwide, and the star had the most streamed album and song, too.

"Drake has been unstoppable this year – he’s a true global superstar, said Stefan Blom, Spotify’s Chief Content & Chief Strategy Officer. With the top album and the top song this year, as well as his successful Summer Sixteen tour, Drake continues to engage his fans in a way that only Drake can; it’s no surprise he is dominating the music industry."

In terms of new artists, former-One Direction band member, Zayn Malik, was the year’s most popular breakout star. You can see a full list of the most streamed songs and artists here.

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