According to science, ~this~ is the best cheat carb for your diet

We’ve all been there — we start a new diet or try to tweak the way we eat to be just a *little* bit healthier, and generally, we’re able to stick with it. Actually, the most exciting part of eating a balanced diet is having the ever-so-coveted cheat day to eat whatever the heck we please!

And thanks to science, we now know what our best option for carbs is if we ever have to choose between pasta and french fries. In a study published in The Journal of the American College of Nutrition, researchers actually looked at whether a side of pasta or a side of potatoes would be more satisfying to participants. The participants were then fed a standard breakfast and dinner for five days, with a carb-heavy lunch each day.


The participants chose between “a side dish of either French fries, a baked potato, a mashed potato, potato wedges, or pasta” for their lunch, and in between lunch and dinner, were asked to rate how full they were.

Those who picked french fries reported that they felt fuller faster, more satiated, AND had little desire to eat in between lunch and dinner than those who picked pasta-based sides.


So if you needed any more reason to fuel your french fry addiction, science says so; however, we say eat whatever you darn well please because it’s YOUR body and we’re all beautiful, carb loving creatures.