Accio tissue — This Harry Potter/Wiz Khalifa mashup will make you cry all the tears

Harry Potter and the See You Again, that’s what this video should be called. Someone on the internet took clips from the Harry Potter films, and combined them together with Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth “See You Again.” More than likely, hearing that song on the radio already gets you a little bit misty eyed — in part, because that song plays at the end of Furious 7, and serves as a beautiful tribute to the late Paul Walker.

So now take that song, and add mash it together with some shots of Harry and Dumbledore, and it’s going to be impossible not to cry.

A YouTube user by the name of theredsoxfan18 posted this video to their page. In it, they’ve set some of the saddest scenes of the eight movies to “See You Again.” The death of Sirius Black? It’s in there. Harry looking at the Mirror of Erised? Yup, that too. A thousand shots of Snape, who turns out to be one of the real heroes of the series? Oh gosh, yes, and the tears are REAL.

Maybe what’s the most heart-wrenching is the fact that Harry could, conceivably, see these people again. He has seen them again. They’re still alive through all the wizard photographs, and paintings. He’s encountered his parents on a few occasions, and though they’re not real, they’re real to Harry. These people are going to be with him — always. And he’s going to have so many things to tell them the next time he seems them again.

So grab at least two boxes of tissues, and settle in to watch the video below.

(Image via YouTube.)


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