Here’s what happens when you accidentally swallow a ghost pepper

Ghost pepper? Is that like a pepper back from the dead that haunts taco-lovers? Nope, it’s worse.

The ghost pepper held the world record for being the hottest chili from 2007-2012, and is estimated to be over 400 times hotter than Tobasco sauce. Scientists are supposedly developing a ghost pepper-infused pepper spray that would stop even the toughest person  in their tracks. Those who eat the fiery veggie experience crazy amounts of pain all over their body and some have ended up in the hospital. Ghost peppers contain a neurotoxin that if consumed too quickly can cause heart attacks and seizures.

If only this poor kid had known any of that.

In a video that’s sweeping through the Internet like wildfire (pun intended) shows a boy unknowingly eating a ghost pepper. “What did I do?” he cries, his face already turning red.

So what happens when you accidentally swallow a ghost pepper?

Some of this:

And a little of that:

Basically, lots of sadness.

Luckily, it looks like the boy might have spit up the villainous pepper into a trash can, so hopefully the symptoms didn’t last too long. Meanwhile, the rest of us learned a very valuable lesson: if someone dares you to eat a pepper, Google it first.

Or just walk (sprint) away.

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