Social media came together and found the couple in this accidentally perfect wedding picture

Have you ever tried shooting a picture from a moving car? Yeah, blur central. But not for Vancouver photographer Saber Miresmailli, who was visiting London and managed to take the most gorgeous — not to mention, ROMANTIC — photo ever out the window of a car. Now, it’s totally going viral.

The viral mania started when Saber posted the picture to Facebook last Sunday, writing: “A request to the Facebook Nation. I was on a moving car in London, UK on May 16, 2015 around 8PM when I saw this lovely couple. They were alone and I didn’t see any photographer with them. I managed to shoot this picture with them and the London Bridge in the back ground. I have the [high-quality] picture and I love to find them and give it to them as a gift.” Saber implored readers to share the picture in an attempt to find the couple. And share, they did, because LOOK AT IT:

The love! The passion! The wind ever-so-gently blowing her veil towards him! We just can’t take it!

The photograph was shared over 250,000 times, and good news, everyone: We’ve got names! According to The London Evening Standard, the groom is an advertising firm art director named James Egan, and the bride is Laura Demack, who works in marketing. They were identified via Twitter by Laura’s cousin, Tom Clegg, who saw the photograph online and posted.

Apparently, the lovely couple was married in London on May 16th and now are away on their honeymoon in Bali . . . and they have no idea what’s in store for them when they come back. According to The Standard, Tom has been trying to contact the couple ever since he recognized them. “I’m waiting to hear back from them regarding all this madness,” he told The Standard. “I think they’ll be quite surprised.”

As for Saber, he’s so happy that social media could help him find the happy couple. “Congrats to Laura and James who are now on their honeymoon,” Saber wrote on Facebook. “I wish you guys many many years of happy and prosperous life. Will send you the picture when you come back . . .”

Our hearts are so full right now. Thank you, Saber, for capturing such a special moment. Laura and James, have a beautiful honeymoon, and we can’t wait until you get back to see how famous your love is.

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