Just a little gift to show your bestie she’s the best

It’s Besties Week! We’re kicking off the release of our first HelloGiggles book, A Tale of Two Besties, with an epic celebration of friendship and stories about friendship. Read an excerpt of the book, buy a copy, catch us on our cross-country book tour, and share your photos from our events by tagging us @hellogiggles #ATaleofTwoBesties.

In the meantime, join the party right here. All week long, our contributors will be sharing stories, essays and odes to their very own partners-in-crime. Read, laugh, cry (because you’re laughing) and share with your bestie!

If you look at the recently-used emojis on your phone right now, chances are you’d see the “dancing girls emoji” which is also referred to as a “twinsies” emoji, WHICH was recently revealed to actually be the “women with bunny ears emoji.” Why do I assume this? Well, it’s also the emoji that allows you to express affection towards your bestie, as if to say “This emoji is us! Two peas in a pod!” Of course, also assuming that you and your best friend are major texters.

If you’ve been looking for something to give your number one boo as a token of friendship, skip the ‘Friends Forever’ heart necklaces and get a couple of these awesome BFF emoji lapel pins. Simply pin it on a denim jacket or a purse flap for some adorable friendship style.

You can choose from three different sets of BFFs: two blondies, two brunettes and a combo of one blonde and a brunette (just like me and my bestie.)

BFF Lapel Pin, $8