Abigail Breslin stands up for Selena Gomez, makes us love her even more

Every now and then, former child stars remind us of the fact that now they’re all grown-up – and lately, Abigail Breslin has been everywhere when it comes to asserting herself as a young woman in the public eye. She just celebrated her 19th birthday, and now she’s taking haters to task on Tumblr by standing up for another young star. Selena Gomez has been on the receiving end of some pretty harsh criticism lately via the Internet. After she posted a recent photo of herself in a bikini, there was a lot of judgment around the topic of whether or not she’s gained weight. Later that same day, Selena Instagrammed a photo of herself in a bikini with the hashtag #theresmoretolove, thereby cementing her status as awesome role model for girls everywhere. Now, Abigail Breslin is firing back at the haters.

In a post on her Tumblr account entitled “About Those Selena Gomez Pics,” Abigail totally called out the ridiculousness of scrutinizing each other’s appearances — and came alongside Selena in solidarity. An excerpt is below:

Not only is it awesome to witness two young female celebs speaking up about the important things, but it’s also wonderful to see one girl backing up another. It reiterates the truth that we should be coming to each other’s aid instead of trying to tear one another down.

Hopefully we’ll start seeing more of this between celebrities — using their voices to promote a positive message for their younger fans.

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