Abbi Jacobson from “Broad City” wrote a visual book, and here’s what she has to say about it

We love the girls from Broad City, thus we love their side projects as well! So, it’s good that Abbi Jacobson wrote a visual book filled with sweet illustrations that express how she sees the world. Called Carry This Book, she reveals that likes to imagine the less-than-glam moments. For example, when she imagines Oprah, she envisions she’s carrying poop bags to clean up dog mess, alongside a Gratitude Journal, and of course, a copy of O Magazine. Oprah — just like us!

Rolling Stone had the opportunity to sit down and interview Jacobson, both to discuss the book, and talk about politics. (After all, we all loved Hillary Clinton’s surprise Broad City cameo, so obviously Jacobson knows a thing or two about the woman her fictional counterpart idolizes!)

As it turns out, the goal of the book was to humanize noteworthy people. See again, Oprah and the dog poop bags.

"I was just always sort of fascinated with what people carry around with them, and how they pack. What you carry, and the way you carry or organize your stuff, or present your private spaces, can say a lot about you – public and private, but a lot of times we don't get to see people's private spaces," Jacobson said to the magazine. "It's a little bit like the voyeuristic idea of opening someone's medicine cabinet: There's all these little clues [about a person]."

 Jacobson also noted that celebrities have bits and pieces about them that often get glossed over in tabloids and on the news. For example, yes — they all use toilet paper. And hey, they probably even have a preference.

As for Jacobson’s own bag, she keeps it pretty minimal

"I carry one of my first purses that I ever bought myself when I moved to New York – it was sort of a big purchase," she said. "And I carry this little thing my mom made me with her picture in it in that bag that Abbi Abrams carries on the show."


 (Also, of course, she carries tampons and Advil, and all that stuff.)

Later in the interview, she switched over and started chatting about the whole Hillary Clinton experience. Because obviously, that was huge.

"Obviously when we asked her, we knew it would be very good for her campaign because of our demographic. But at the same time, we thought, 'This is an amazing opportunity for both camps,'" Jacobson said. "For Ilana and I, and I think our entire crew, and Comedy Central as a whole, it was like, wow, this is a huge moment for us."

Unfortunately, the meet-up was brief.

"She wasn't there for that long. Which she shouldn't have been," Jacobson noted. "If she'd stayed for a day, we'd be like, "Why are you here for so long? You have more important things to do."

Of course, she’s openly supporting her girl on November 8th.

Abbi’s Jacobson’s book is currently available for purchase, and trust us — it’ll make you laugh. In fact, it might be the perfect holiday gift for everyone you know and love.

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