All the very important things we learned about Abbi and Ilana in their rad ‘NYMag’ profile

We can’t get enough Broad City. Abbi and Ilana are our #1 homegirls! We love their expressions, their catchphrases, their outfits. We love that they aren’t afraid to say what we’re all thinking. But most of all, we love that they love each other, both on the show and in real life.

Abbi and Ilana were recently profiled in New York Magazine, and it was everything we hoped it would be, plus more. You should definitely settle in and read the whole glorious article, but here are some of our very favorite highlights before you dive in. Consider this your Abbi and Ilana NYMag amuse bouche.

Broad City is more than just the show’s name.
According to them, it’s an abstract concept that describes the day-to-day crap that life — in New York City, specifically — throws at you. It’s all about the hustle of making it through the hour or the day or the week — or even just to lunch. “Broad City is very sweaty,” says Ilana. Also, it must not have evaded them that it gives this broad those 1930’s slang flashbacks.

Their characters are based on themselves. Kind of.
The profile reiterates that Abbi and Ilana play younger, more exaggerated versions of themselves. There are some obvious similarities to their real selves: Abbi is more reserved, while Ilana is more outgoing. Then the whole name thing. But in real life, they’re much more driven than their characters. Obviously. They’re the brains behind one of TV’s funniest and most popular shows.

Their parents are super cool.
Not everyone would feel comfortable imitating sex or stripping down to their (blur-barred) skivvies knowing the entire world — including their parents — are watching. But the girls insist it’s a non-issue. Still, they give their parents fair warning before truly scandalous things air.

Deals, Deals, Deals is based on a real job!
One of the funniest recurring bits on Broad City is seeing the girls in their terrible, depressing work environments. Ilana “works” (a relative term) at Deals, Deals, Deals, an online deal service. It turns out that choice was a conscious one: both Abbi and Ilana used to work for the online deals service Lifebooker. Please tell me Chris Gethard’s character is based on a real person too!

They’re all about portraying real women with real bodies.
When the girls strip down, it’s done for comedic effect. But they still want to send the message that the people behind the blurs are real. They go into detail about one blur in particular that they fought to keep, um, darker. I’ll let you find that one.

They love their fans!
Especially ones who aren’t in their own personal demographic. “We’re so grateful for our demo, but there’s something that feels good about reaching someone that doesn’t look like you,” says Ilana.

All in all, they’re still totally normal people.
Though they’re actresses, writers and executive producers, they still live normal New York City lives. Besides, if they stopped riding the subway and being among the people, where would they find their material? “We’re still in Broad City all the time. I wish money made it feel like we were living in LA, but it f*cking doesn’t!”

Seriously, read the article. It’s 100.

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