Abbi and Ilana fill our hearts with female friendship wisdom. #YasKween

We love Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer A LOT. These two are paving the way forward for funny ladies everywhere, and they’re definitely giving us brand new friendship goals, too. However, Abbi and Ilana have a really important question for us: Why is their friendship our goal, and not already our norm?

The two recently met up with Katie Couric to have a lovely little romp through New York City (so jealous of Couric, who gets to hang out with them). They discuss their time at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade (the improv theater where they met), and bringing Broad City from our computer screens to television screens. Then, it’s time to talk about female friendship.  When it comes to that — and how Abbi and Ilana are portrayed on the show — the real Abbi and Ilana are a little bit confused.

“The show’s being praised for having a strong female friendship. And it’s like, that should be everywhere!” Jacobson explains. “Why is this not the norm? It’s kind of ridiculous.”

It is kind of ridiculous. Every time Broad City is part of a conversation, the amazing relationship between Abbi and Ilana is brought up (as it should be). These girls are there for each other no matter what, and that’s how female friendships should be, both on TV and IRL. Yet, especially on TV, female friendship is so rarely portrayed that way (excluding Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins, of course).

Speaking of Leslie Knope, the fairy godmother of Broad City, Amy Poehler, (aka, the woman who helped propel it from a web series to a TV show), told the Huffington Post last year that, “For the first season, we really wanted to make sure that everybody knew that at the end of the day, this show was a love story between Abbi and Ilana. They are a couple, the ones you care about.”

We care about them SO MUCH, just like we care about our own real life besties. Now it’s time to see these friendships blossom all across television. No more friendship goals, just friendships.

You can watch their whole interview over at Yahoo!, for more of their wisdom and wit. Then get back to watching clips of Broad City, of course.

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