ABBA just reunited for the first time in 30 years

I’m a not-so-secret ABBA fangirl, so the news of their reunion Wednesday night warms my heart like the light of the sun, or, more aptly, the light of a disco ball. The foursome reunited at the opening of member Bjorn Ulvaeus’s Mamma Mia-themed Stockholm restaurant (yes, you read that correctly) and got on stage for a brief moment to the delight of fans all around the world.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any singing, because that might have just been too much for the world to handle, but there was ample photo-taking, and the images of the gang back together make up for the absence of music.

This is a pretty big deal. Not only has the group not been seen together for the past 30 years, they also reportedly turned down a one billion dollar offer for a reunion tour, squelching the ’70s dreams of fans young and old.

However, they seemed perfectly pleased to be back together Wednesday night, and of course there was video to prove it:

[tempo-video id=”4714907369001″ account=”32439484001″]

While the moment was fleeting, it was definitely worth it. As Bjorn told reporters, “We are here to party.” And party they did, looking as funky and glam as they did some 30 years ago.

(Image via Twitter)

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