These abandoned mall photos will haunt your dreams

When we think of malls, especially during this time of the year, we generally think about gift shopping and naughty visits to the food court. Take a look at this mall in Illinois, though, and your perspective may change forever. Lincoln Mall in Matteson, IL was shut down in January 2015 when the city officials sued the mall for building code violations. Apparently, the mall wanted to expand its venue in an attempt to attract more visitors, but the city wasn’t really on board with their plans.

Opened in 1973, the mall was once a bustling place for Matteson, but what it looks like now will blow your mind.

Creepy, right? Photographer Seph Lawless captured these scary shots for a project called “Autopsy of America,” and we just can’t stop staring.

According to Seph, there’s some scary history in this empty mall that adds to the spook.

“A small child crawled underneath this elevator in a mall while it was in operation and was crushed to death making this abandoned mall even more disturbing!”

We’re definitely sleeping with the lights on tonight.