This abandoned hotel is something out of a beautiful nightmare

Abandoned buildings are off-putting. What happened that caused their inhabitants to flee? We explore them and get goosebumps as our imaginations run wild. But as haunting as they are, these buildings, hidden in the overgrowth and crumbling away from their foundation, are beautiful. For example, this abandoned Indonesian hotel might be a ghost of its former grand self, but remains captivating in the after-life.

Romain Veillon, world traveller, photographer, and author of Ask the dust — a book dedicated to the exploration of abandoned locales — happened upon this forgotten hotel in Bali.

He calls it “the ghost hotel,” and told HelloGiggles that the hotel’s backstory is filled with mystery.


Some locals say that all of the hotel’s guests simply vanished one night and their ghosts now roam the halls. Other locals believe the hotel developer was cursed because of his corruption.

Veillon believes the hotel was an investment project of Tommy Suharto, the son of the former Indonesian president. Suharto’s business dealings were corrupt, and during his trial, he was convicted of attempted murder by his corruption case judge.

After Suharto went to jail, the hotel was never completed and has sat empty for over ten years.


Veillon said that exploring the hotel was "both scary and unreal." He wrote, "Even if it’s impossible to know the truth behind this hotel’s origin, the feeling you have tells you something went wrong there…"


The serpent banisters, weaving through the vegetation, are like something out of a fantasy film.


And the open floor plan must be filled with ghostly echoes and the unsettling sounds of distant wildlife.


Veillon wrote that just as he was about to go, a fog rolled in and coated the hotel. "The ghosts were back in their home and it was time for me to leave…" he said.


Head over to Veillon’s site to check out his full gallery of photos from “the ghost hotel.” There you can also browse through his photos from his other abandoned location journeys.

And if you’re as obsessed with ghost buildings as we are, definitely check out Veillon’s book Ask the dust to have some of his best photos in hard copy.

We have a feeling our dreams will be spooky tonight — but the truth is, we won’t hate it.

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